Norby Belz, PhD, is a visionary community leader and an advocate for local people.

Norby is so proud to call Fort Lauderdale home. When he made the decision to move to Florida, he specifically chose Fort Lauderdale as his new home. He was most attracted to the “big-small town” feeling of this dynamic and growing coastal city.

As the founder and president of a small, Florida-based company, Norby is dedicated to helping leaders and teams of nonprofits work collaboratively to reach their fullest potential. He is also the co-founder of a nonprofit school-based resiliency program, demonstrating his commitment to education and youth empowerment. He is an expert in turning vision into reality.

Norby also spent over 16 years serving at an academic medical center, serving as a director, professor, and department chair. His educational journey includes earning a bachelor’s degree in health information, a master’s degree in health services administration, and a PhD in health policy and management.

Norby’s early career focused on rural health and telemedicine, where he championed expanding access to health services geographically isolated populations in Kansas. He also managed a school-based telehealth program, providing essential mental health services to inner-city and rural youth. Later, as a professor and department chair, he revitalized a struggling academic program, turning it into a thriving, resilient department during an economic downturn. Norby is effective at delivering results within bureaucratic systems and during challenging times.

Passionate about community service and economic development, Norby serves as the Vice President of a local business association, advises a nonprofit educational start-up, and served on the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Park, Beach & Recreation board. His volunteer efforts extend to supporting disadvantaged youth, empowering young professionals, and combating the homeless crisis.

Driven by his passion for community development, Norby now seeks to represent Fort Lauderdale’s District 1 as City Commissioner. He is committed to prioritizing the residents in all decision-making. His campaign focuses on the principles of ‘for locals, by locals,’ ensuring that decisions are made with the best interests of Fort Lauderdale’s residents first.

He’s ready to step up and ensure City Leadership is focused on the issues that matter most to the residents. That means energizing and growing our local businesses, bringing in new businesses, fighting coastal flooding, keeping our residents and families safe, combating homelessness, and ensuring responsible redevelopment with infrastructure to support it. And doing this with fiscal responsibility! 

Join Norby in shaping a city where locals take pride in calling it home and tourists love to visit — a city defined by its strong, vibrant community now and for the future. Together, let’s keep Fort Lauderdale community-focused and thriving!

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